DJ Skratchy – Live From Lavo

From the lab of another SKAM Artist comes a brand new release from one of my crew: DJ Skratchy.  There is a reason he is called “Skratchy,” but there’s not much of it on this mix.  He does throw down a couple of times just to make sure you know he doesn’t mess around, but this mix is primarily a “Live from Lavo” feel.  The kind of CD that you can throw a party and just throw this in you ipod and have “Skratchy in a Box.”  He definitely doesn’t disappoint as he brings the Vegas vibe to your ear buds.  Definitely a must listen.

Artist:     DJ Skratchy
CD Title: Live From Lavo

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Summer’s Sexiest Parties

I read an article on about the Summer’s Sexiest parties.  I think this is a good list, but they didn’t mention any of the ones my homies at Skam Artist (Vice, Echo, Skratchy, Choc, Syphe and D-lux, etc.) dj at…

Maybe we need to make a US list for the locals… maybe a SoCo list…  Okay, I’ll get back about this one, but if you are in St. Tropez or London, now you know where to go.

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