It looks like Cheapshot has been busy in the lab.  Today he released his next CD for us all to enjoy.  This is his first CD release since signing with the dopest management agency in the WORLD!!! (Congrat’s Cheap and a shout out to the SKAM family).  I always love his mixing style and music selection.  This is for those crate diggers and music lovers.  If you want to hear American Boy or You’re A Jerk, you’re looking at the wrong mix… Cheapshot is so 3008…

Artist:     DJ  Cheapshot
CD Title: Club Footed
Style:       All mixed up...

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Lil Wayne Disses Mixtape DJs

Really… what is this guy thinking? You cannot diss ALL djs because you are pissed off at a few. He finally came out with an excuse on how it was based solely on a few djs (Empire) that leaked his new album Carter III. I am glad that he kind of cleared it up, but still… THINK before you speak playa… I was definitely insulted when I heard the interview.

AND, lil wayne; I’m sorry to tell you, but you ain’t no Biggy, no Kanye, no Common, no Nas, no Jay-Z, etc. You may be like an E-40 or Tracy Spencer. Let’s get to bein’ in the game for 3+ yrs, then we’ll take a look back.


Here is the...

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