DJ Skratchy – Live From Lavo

From the lab of another SKAM Artist comes a brand new release from one of my crew: DJ Skratchy.  There is a reason he is called “Skratchy,” but there’s not much of it on this mix.  He does throw down a couple of times just to make sure you know he doesn’t mess around, but this mix is primarily a “Live from Lavo” feel.  The kind of CD that you can throw a party and just throw this in you ipod and have “Skratchy in a Box.”  He definitely doesn’t disappoint as he brings the Vegas vibe to your ear buds.  Definitely a must listen.

Artist:     DJ Skratchy
CD Title: Live From Lavo

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Cheapshot does it again – On Air

One thing I love about Cheapshot is his word play.  He also throws in some tracks that are out of left field (but in a good way).  You tend to ask yourself, “Where did that come from?”

Then you’re like “Hell ya!!!” Definately worth a listen and ipod addition.

Artist:     DJ  Cheapshot
CD Title: Radi-O Face
Style:       Hip-Hop, mash-up

Radi-O Face by djcheapshot

Message from Cheapshot:
This is a mix I did for The All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear on Shade 45. It got a good response so I decided to release it. boom!

for booking info please contact:

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It looks like Cheapshot has been busy in the lab.  Today he released his next CD for us all to enjoy.  This is his first CD release since signing with the dopest management agency in the WORLD!!! (Congrat’s Cheap and a shout out to the SKAM family).  I always love his mixing style and music selection.  This is for those crate diggers and music lovers.  If you want to hear American Boy or You’re A Jerk, you’re looking at the wrong mix… Cheapshot is so 3008…

Artist:     DJ  Cheapshot
CD Title: Club Footed
Style:       All mixed up...

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Well, my homie Gusto just released another bangin mix cd on his website.  This one is on the HOUSE tip, so this will show you how versitile he can be.  From Rock to Pop to Hip-Hop and now HOUSE… let’s go!!! Check it out meng…

DJ Gusto

DJ Gusto

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