DJ Spinbad’s ‘2000s Megamix’

So, when I was a younger buck, Vice and I discovered an amazing mix tape. This was after we worshiped DJ Rectangle for his quick, ridiculously clean mix tapes. It was an 80’s mix laced up by DJ Spinbad and it seemed like he was able to take what was in our head and execute it perfectly onto a mix tape. Of course it was way beyond what we were capable of doing at the time, but we loved the style so much...

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Ab-Loon is a funny guy.  He has a quirky sense of humor, but is more of a shy, young cat with a love for music.  A self proclaimed perfectionist, he started on the journey to composing this CD 2 years ago. I am sure this is a huge relief to get out his cd; I definitely know how he feels.

He likes to play an eclectic assortment of musical jems.  Anything from Sade to Michael Jackson to Mobb Deep.  Strangely enough, the remixes he chooses makes the blends seemless.  You can catch him regularly spinning at Store XIII in West Covina and on Dj Buddy TV. Props to the homey from West Covina...

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