DJ AM In Iron Man 2?

  • May 3rd, 2010
  • By DJ Enrie
  • This is indeed true. DJ AM has a cameo in the new Iron Man 2 movie coming out this Friday May 7. Director Jon Favreau casted DJ AM for a cameo and kept his scene in the final cut. I do recall Kevin Scott (DJ AM’s best friend) saying that he coordinated the music for the actual scene. Don’t be surprised to hear some Daft Punk when you see DJ AM on the big screen. So when you go see Iron Man 2 (like who won’t see it?), make sure you look out for one of the best to touch the turntables…R.I.P. DJ AM

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    DJ AM And Travis Barker Critically Injured In Private Plane Crash In South Carolina

    Man, what can I say? I know they always tell me that !sh happens and live life to the fullest because you never know. Well it’s true, but do we listen? I certainly am guilty of “in one ear, out the other.” I was actually on a plane on Thursday night (not a lear jet, but a plane none the less), and it’s crazy how I just read a magazine, listened to music and chatted with the other passengers while oblivious to the dangers/reality of flying...

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