Old Skool Show

So Jeff G and Rawn had a pretty popular show on the #1 station in LA (Power 106) called the Aquanet Set.  After a good run, they started a new show called the “Old Skool Show.”  I think Jeff is a very talented on-air jock.  He has always had a cool attitide and stays grounded.  Now take Jeff G and pair him up with one of the most humble/dopest dj’s in LA!?!?!  It’s a winning combo!

I can’t say enough about Rawn.  He is the HOMEY!  Part of the Ewoks crew from LA (yes, a rarely heard of crew that had some of the dopest LA dj’s: Ryo, Coke-e, Clockwork, Echo, Vice and myself.  I know there were a couple more, but I can’t remember atm) and of course one of the Power Mixers.  I think there are 3 on air dj’s in LA that first dominated the battle dj’s scene and then turned to mainstream radio to conquer programing and blending.  Rawn is definately one of them.  Here is a mix that they featured on http://www.themixshow.com.

The Old Skool Show

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