New Mix CDs

I have gotten a few mix cds recently and thought I would share them with you.  Along with one of the best websites out there for mixes:

First, of course, I have to give it to Vice.  One of the most versitile djs in the industry.  From top 40 to rock to new jack, Vice always brings his creativity to his CDs.  He just released his new CD a few weeks ago and it is definately #1 in my 6 disc changer.  Info:


Artist:     DJ Vice
CD Title: Late Nights. Early Flights. VIP. Drink For Free
Style:       All mixed up.  But that’s why we love him right?  Electro, house, new jack, top 40


Next we have a mix from the other homie DJ Echo.  We latinos have to stick together right?  j/k  You can’t deny the skills of the classic Power Mixers.  Echo brings us his newest mix CD with a different style to show that he can rock t from LA to Vegas.  This new CD is mostly Electro with the newest tracks to kick the energy up a notch.  Definately #2 in my 6 disc changer.  Holla!!!


Artist: DJ Echo
Title:    Self Titled
Style:   Electro

Look at my previous post for the best site to get the newest mixes.

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