Nike launched a new campaign which features our favorite DJ… Vice!  Here is the interview and some shots, but visit the site to peep the video at:

Eric Vice

Lives: North Hollywood, CA
Sport: Running

Photography by: Ja Tecson

What are some childhood influences that made you into who you are today?
1580am KDAY radio, my older brother + sisters music tastes, friends

What is your favorite sport? Why and how do they inspire you?
The Lakers! They inspire me because they play as a true team and each bring so much to the game. The excitement you feel when they play is because you are witnessing their talent, momentum and skill up close + personal. Nothing beats going to a Laker game!

What makes L.A your home?
The people and the food! I like L.A or “California -style” attitudes where a stress free and go with the flow attitude can still accomplish your tasks. Also, you can’t get better Mexican food outside of Mexico than you can in the streets of Los Angeles. Food in L.A is one of the top things that makes L.A home to me.

What is your favorite or most interesting cultural moment?
My favorite part of my job is when I get to travel abroad for work. I love Tokyo and Barcelona. Anytime my job brings me out of the country I am never tired of the travel because being in any destination (for me) still is the most exciting thing in the world.

What makes you fearless?
I’m fearless because I believe with all my heart that ANYTHING is possible! The sky really is the limit and I feel my life validates that in me so I am fearless when I want to expand or “raise the bar.”