While hitting the web today, I ran across an article on Vice titled “Asian Raps Biggest Fan Is A White Guy From Staten Island“.  I really don’t know alot of Asian rappers, but I prob know more than your average Joe.  This is just one of the main reasons I love the Hip-Hop culture.  It transcends race, religion and class.  It can be argued that Hip-hop was born in America, but some of the biggest fan bases are outside of the US.  Korea, Japan, Germany…

There is a reason DJ’s and Rappers travel internationally to do shows.  They appreciate and hunger for the culture and they support the artist.  They don’t turn DJ’s and MC’s into promoters, or make them guarantee bottles.  They promote and just bring talent.

Anyways, i know this is becoming a rant, but that wasn’t my intention.  I just wanted to expose some of the artists I read about that i didn’t know were out there.  Some of the ones I liked were Dumbfoundead, Keith Ape and Lyricks.You can find them on YouTube, so when you get a chance, check them out.

One track i really liked was: