Lil Jon at Headliner Music Club Conference

This week at the HMC offices, Lil Jon came by to show the HMC DJs some love and promote his  latest single “Alive” featuring Offset and 2 Chainz produced by Party Favor and FKi 1st.  Some DJ’s flew in from as far as London and New Orleans to get the true “Headliner Music Club Conference” experience.

Many a drinks were had and many a tacos were eaten.  Felli Fel took over the mic and did a good job keeping the event moving and keeping us all entertained.  Five, D-Lux, Skratchy and Fashen kept the vibe upbeat throughout the night on the 12’s.

Lil Jon came out and talked a little to the crowd and sent his love to the DJs.  He also thanked us for the continued support and thinks Alive will be broken by the DJs (as opposed to spottify and other digital platforms).  Afterward, he spent some time in the studio doing drops for the HMC members in attendance.

There were many artists and djs that exchanged conversations of current affairs in the music industry and hot tracks in their region.  A couple young producers (Deux Twins) showed off their new track called Maximum  which features Outlaw the Artist.

Another successful event.  Thank you to James, Skratchy, Five and D-Lux for their contributions to the culture.  ‘Til the next one.  Peace.