DJ Enrie, where have you been?

So, Enrie used to be everywhere back in the day.  I don’t think I’ve seen him since a random sighting in the Glendale Galleria a few years ago (he was still sporting the gold vinyl chain).  The reason I probably don’t see him anymore is most likely, like most world famous djs, he has been out of the “LA” scene and more in the “World” scene.  Traveling hither and there living the rockstar life, but then out of nowhere, he brings us one of the dopest mix cd sites known to man. 

I had this concept sitting in my head for a while and leave it to the Enrie to bring it better than I would’ve and faster.  I can’t hate because this site is the !sh.  If you need to load up your ipod or car with some of the best mixes from the dopest djs, check out .   Everyone is going “green” now a days, so why not the digital dj?  No more getting on mailing lists (although I still appreciate these), just go straight to the download.

Big ups Enrie!  The site is dope.


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