Activision Boss Confirms Existence Of DJ Hero

YAY… there is a new game in town that I can suck at… 🙂  This has been in talks for a while, but this is straight from the CEO’s mouth. 

“We have this product called DJ Hero coming out later this year, which is a turntable that you actually can play competitively and spin discs and mix songs,” Kotick said, looking frosty at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

I actually think this is a good thing.  First, old school dj’s like me have to face the fact that DJing is a Digital hobby/craft now.  There are those few that still go digging and stay true to vinyl, but the majority have adapted.  Especially the ones that have to travel from Vegas to NY to Chi and are tired of lugging aroung the 40 lb. record anvil everywhere… limiting their play list.

Now, that said, DJ’s have always been overlooked (at least in LA) for being a skilled profession.  I think the LA folks are a little spoiled.  There are 20 dj’s on every 5 block radius (some dope, some not), but it all comes down to $$$… so, I have seen starving dj’s that are DOPE and thriving dj’s that don’t even mix. Now what does that have to do with the game?

Well, when guitar hero first came out, i knew of some guitarists… jimmy page, clapton, hendrix… you know… the greats.  I also had no idea how hard it was to be a great guitarist.  I mean, I can’t even do the difficult level and this is still not really playing the guitar…  It has given me a better appreciation for musicians in general.

Now hopefully that same thought process will flow over to all those that think dj’s are just over priced iPods.  Some of us have worked hard at refining our skill.  Just like some starving musicians, I too spent ALL my money on my first turntables (gemini q-1000’s) and mixer (pyramid).  I learned by myself with belt drive turntables piecing together styles and theories from my elementry school friends.  Then when I thought I was getting it and was pretty good, one of my friends (Sean) tod me I was supposed to “Match the beats” and I was back at square one.

I can remember everyday, after school, being so excited t0 come home and practice.  Spending up to 14 hours in the garage practicing and videotaping myself.  Trying to mimic Jam Master Jay’s and MR. Mixx’s scratching style.  Producing many “Train Wrecks” of mixing, thinking I was the !sh…lol

I remember being the “Cool Kid” in school because I dj’d, but being the brokest mofo in my class, because every week I had to pick 1 or 2 records that I could afford ($5.99 for a 12″).  My first party was in the 8th grade for Melissa Grande for $20.  I spent $100 on records and used my dad’s stero amp (which kept clipping)… so ebarassing…

I remember my first high school dance I dj’d was for $80 and I spent $150 in speakers and amp rentals.  I remember getting my first Technics…. 1700 turntable from my homie J.C..  I remember the first club I dj’d at age 15 in Diamond Bar, begging the dj to let me play 5 records while people were coming into the club.

Wow, it has been a long journey.  Now, back to my point.  I am not saying I am the best or even that I am good, but I have practiced and paid dues just as much as alot of other musicians.  I am hoping this will somehow get people excited about djs again and/or let people appreciate the skill it takes.  I know it’s not “Real” djing, but exposure is good.  Especially for the movement and culture called Hip-Hop…