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Murs x Rick Ross x 50 Cent “Who’s The Boss?”

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Yo, we all know Murs is dope, but this is pretty funny.  Rick Ross bites Murs’ track and (kindof) disses him by saying, “I don’t know Murs…”

So here is Murs’ comeback.  He is about making music and dope lyrics, not about dissin’ and bangin’.  He also made it clear that he is into “… comic books, skateboards and panties gettin’ tossed…” and “not trying to see hip-hop lose another life.”

Murs’ lyrics have always been on point and just brings back fun/uncensored hip-hop.  Not really much of this “be true”/bling bling metality too often reiterated in every track on the radio.

Murs for president

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50 Cent Releases A Sextape With Rick Ross’ Baby Momma

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50 Cent and Rick Ross’ feud has escalated into giving low-blows….literally. 50 Cent in a carefully crafted attempt to dismantle Rick Ross, has released a sextape featuring him and Rick Ross’ baby momma. Released on BooBooTV.com, the tape features a narration by 50 Cent:

“I want you to watch this on your tour bus Ricky. I want you to watch this on your m*****f****n tour bus Ricky…Now how the f**k you gonna say you a boss and you run a m****f****n crew and can’t even control your b*****s. Is this nigga lickin on the Rick Ross tattoo ? The n***a lickin on the Ricky tattoo. Oooh shit. Oooh man. Somebody need to make an announcement.”

When asked about the tape, Rick Ross remains unimpressed by 50’s moves : “Wow, that’s big, I like that,” Ross said in an interview with Big Tigger. “At least he ain’t holding dildos with wigs on. At least he looking at girls. That’s what my whole thing is and that’s why we call him Curly. He’s not straight. We appreciate all the attention.”

As long as this feud doesn’t escalate into a Tupac/Biggie situation, i’m perfectly fine with all these shenanigans. Its good promotion for both these artist and it’s good entertainment for us.


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