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Jay-Z & Alicia NOT PERFORMING at World Series on Wednesday

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October 27th, 2009  |  Published in ENTERTAINMENT, MUSIC4 Comments

After the New York Yankess advanced to the World Series and it was announced that Jay-Z and Alicia Keys would be performing “Empire State of Mind” for the opening game, Columbus fans were left wondering if they would be left out in the cold. Opening night of the World Series is Wednesday, October 28th; the same night as the highly promoted, much anticipated Jay-Z Tour at the Schottenstein’s Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

Well, after much speculation, it was recently announced that Jay-Z will be performing in Columbus on Wednesday night and pushing back the World Series Performance to Game 2, taking place on Thursday, October 29th in NYC.

Originally, Jay-Z was said to be doing both performances- Taking the field at the World Series and then flying a private jet from NYC to Columbus in time to take the stage but that plan has changed. Local online publication “The Lantern” spoke directly with John Vlautin from Live Nation Worldwide, Inc., the company representing Jay-Z. Vlautin told the website that Jay-Z will be performing in Columbus on Wednesday and, depending on the weather, he will be performing in New York on Thursday.

But wait, Jay-Z…. Don’t you have a show in LONDON, ONTARIO on Thursday at the John Labatt Centre!!!

Updated 11:13pm
– Via MTV.com: Fans will have to wait an extra day to catch Jay-Z and Alicia Keys teaming up for a performance of their Big Apple anthem, “Empire State of Mind,” at the World Series. It was announced on Tuesday (October 27) that the duo will now be performing their ode to NYC before the game’s first pitch on Thursday instead of Wednesday, as originally planned, when the Yankees play the Phillies in the Series.

“The performance was changed due to the forecast for inclement weather for Wednesday, October 28,” a joint statement from Jay-Z and Major League Baseball reads. “Staging for the performance could adversely impact the field if it is wet, creating damaged and unsafe playing conditions.

So, Columbus, thank GOODNESS there is inclement weather headed to New York City because, if not, Jay-Z probably would’ve canceled or been on MAJOR C.P. time for the show here in the capital city.

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A woman has been jailed for causing havoc in her neighbourhood while dressed as a cow.

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This is a crazy story out of Ohio.  She thought she was being arrested for urinating on a neighbor’s lawn…

Allen in mugshot provided by Middletown Ohio Police Department


Michelle Allen, 32, was arrested after repeated acts of disorderly conduct in Middletown, Ohio, local police said.

Her offences included chasing children while drunk and urinating on her neighbour’s front porch.

She had been hired to wear the bovine outfit to promote a theme park – but ended up an ‘udder disgrace’.

After her drunken rampage, Ms Allen hurled out a series of obscenities while she was being placed under arrest.


Michelle is pretty well known to us. She’s ‘struggled,’ to say the least.

Municipal Court Judge Mark Wall told The New York Post


Since it appeared Ms Allen was not wearing anything else under the cow costume, she had to keep it on for her police mugshot.

And while in custody over the weekend to sober up before her Monday morning court appearance, she mooed at her jailers: “Suck my udders.”

Ms Allen has now been sentenced to 30 days in prison for her actions, according to the Post.

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