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DJ Skratchy – Live From Lavo

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From the lab of another SKAM Artist comes a brand new release from one of my crew: DJ Skratchy.  There is a reason he is called “Skratchy,” but there’s not much of it on this mix.  He does throw down a couple of times just to make sure you know he doesn’t mess around, but this mix is primarily a “Live from Lavo” feel.  The kind of CD that you can throw a party and just throw this in you ipod and have “Skratchy in a Box.”  He definitely doesn’t disappoint as he brings the Vegas vibe to your ear buds.  Definitely a must listen.

Artist:     DJ Skratchy
CD Title: Live From Lavo
Style:       Electro, top 40 (Vegas Style)

DJ Skratchy – Live From Lavo

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Ab-Loon is a funny guy.  He has a quirky sense of humor, but is more of a shy, young cat with a love for music.  A self proclaimed perfectionist, he started on the journey to composing this CD 2 years ago. I am sure this is a huge relief to get out his cd; I definitely know how he feels.

He likes to play an eclectic assortment of musical jems.  Anything from Sade to Michael Jackson to Mobb Deep.  Strangely enough, the remixes he chooses makes the blends seemless.  You can catch him regularly spinning at Store XIII in West Covina and on Dj Buddy TV. Props to the homey from West Covina.  Hit him up on twitter at @abdashloon.

Artist:     DJ Ab-Loon
CD Title: Tomorrow
Style:       Hip-Hop, Mash ups.


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It looks like Cheapshot has been busy in the lab.  Today he released his next CD for us all to enjoy.  This is his first CD release since signing with the dopest management agency in the WORLD!!! (Congrat’s Cheap and a shout out to the SKAM family).  I always love his mixing style and music selection.  This is for those crate diggers and music lovers.  If you want to hear American Boy or You’re A Jerk, you’re looking at the wrong mix… Cheapshot is so 3008…

Artist:     DJ  Cheapshot
CD Title: Club Footed
Style:       All mixed up.  Alot of Electro beats and Rock and Pop throwbacks… thrown in with a little bit of new jack

Message from Cheapshot:

Here’s a link to my new mix CD “Club Footed”. Aside from the Jonas Brothers and Myley Cyrus’ new records, this is probably the best album you’ll hear all year! Download it and enjoy. Also, feel free to send the link to everyone you hate. Thanks!

for booking info please contact:
SKAM Artist Inc.
ph: 310-659-2970 | fx:  310-861-1421
em: sujit1@skamartist.com

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New Mix CDs

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I have gotten a few mix cds recently and thought I would share them with you.  Along with one of the best websites out there for mixes:

First, of course, I have to give it to Vice.  One of the most versitile djs in the industry.  From top 40 to rock to new jack, Vice always brings his creativity to his CDs.  He just released his new CD a few weeks ago and it is definately #1 in my 6 disc changer.  Info:


Artist:     DJ Vice
CD Title: Late Nights. Early Flights. VIP. Drink For Free
Style:       All mixed up.  But that’s why we love him right?  Electro, house, new jack, top 40


Next we have a mix from the other homie DJ Echo.  We latinos have to stick together right?  j/k  You can’t deny the skills of the classic Power Mixers.  Echo brings us his newest mix CD with a different style to show that he can rock t from LA to Vegas.  This new CD is mostly Electro with the newest tracks to kick the energy up a notch.  Definately #2 in my 6 disc changer.  Holla!!!


Artist: DJ Echo
Title:    Self Titled
Style:   Electro

Look at my previous post for the best site to get the newest mixes.

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DJ Enrie, where have you been?

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So, Enrie used to be everywhere back in the day.  I don’t think I’ve seen him since a random sighting in the Glendale Galleria a few years ago (he was still sporting the gold vinyl chain).  The reason I probably don’t see him anymore is most likely, like most world famous djs, he has been out of the “LA” scene and more in the “World” scene.  Traveling hither and there living the rockstar life, but then out of nowhere, he brings us one of the dopest mix cd sites known to man. 

I had this concept sitting in my head for a while and leave it to the Enrie to bring it better than I would’ve and faster.  I can’t hate because this site is the !sh.  If you need to load up your ipod or car with some of the best mixes from the dopest djs, check out Beezo.net .   Everyone is going “green” now a days, so why not the digital dj?  No more getting on mailing lists (although I still appreciate these), just go straight to the download.

Big ups Enrie!  The site is dope.



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All That Jazz

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DJ Cheapshot has released a new mixtape entitled Jazzercidal Tendencies sponsored by the fashionable peeps True Love False Idols. The new mix includes all the signature DJ Cheapshot wordplay, along with the very best of dance-floor mash. Cheap went into another direction with this particular tape, sticking mostly with rocking electro beats over Megadudical-like remixes. He also attempts to throw in a bit of 60s classics and succeeds tremendously. This mix is hard to find and available for a limited time so make sure you cop one by myspacing his ass at myspace.com/djcheapshot.

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Vice Vice Bangs

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If you haven’t heard by now, you betta aksomebody! That’s right party people DJ Vice’s album Vice Vice Baby, accompanied by a 2008 Nation-wide tour is anything far from Vanilla. The mix includes all your favorite track from the 90s on a musical scale on and beyond the billboard charts. Get the airbrushed overalls, mis-matched hiking boots, polka-dot rayon shirt, and long bangs and you yourself can feel like the Fresh Prince incarnate homie! Make sure you cop one for yourself and go to myspace.com/djvice for the latest on the 2008 tour.

By: CB-One

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