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Oh No…

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Alot of people are asking to hear this again, so here it is.  Enjoy!

Oh No! -DBS Crew

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Lil Wayne Disses Mixtape DJs

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Really… what is this guy thinking? You cannot diss ALL djs because you are pissed off at a few. He finally came out with an excuse on how it was based solely on a few djs (Empire) that leaked his new album Carter III. I am glad that he kind of cleared it up, but still… THINK before you speak playa… I was definitely insulted when I heard the interview.

AND, lil wayne; I’m sorry to tell you, but you ain’t no Biggy, no Kanye, no Common, no Nas, no Jay-Z, etc. You may be like an E-40 or Tracy Spencer. Let’s get to bein’ in the game for 3+ yrs, then we’ll take a look back.


Here is the original post from Foundation Magazine:

Here is his Explanation:

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