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A Record Bag (even if there is nothing in it)

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I remember a while back DJ Roial 1 and I were talking about doing a video about going to a random club and seeing if we could get in carrying a record bag and claiming we were djing (even if we weren’t).  We would try all the LA spots.  Of course I was lazy and nothing ever came of it, but I was pitching this idea to a friend of mine at work (Dex) and he pointed me to this video… Pretty funny, and I can’t believe it worked…  I would still like someone to do this in LA or Vegas and see if it flies…


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JuiceOkay, so it’s going down. Thursday nights in the city of West Covina!! The folks at Store 13 (aka Tepi) is hosting a weekly club for the summer every thursday night. I hope you all can make it out. Email me to get on the list as always.

2934 E. Garvey Ave. South
West Covina, CA 91791

Accross from the In-N-Out off the Citrus exit off the 10.

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Summer’s Sexiest Parties

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I read an article on concierge.com about the Summer’s Sexiest parties.  I think this is a good list, but they didn’t mention any of the ones my homies at Skam Artist (Vice, Echo, Skratchy, Choc, Syphe and D-lux, etc.) dj at…

Maybe we need to make a US list for the locals… maybe a SoCo list…  Okay, I’ll get back about this one, but if you are in St. Tropez or London, now you know where to go.

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