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Store 13 – After Trade Show Rooftop Party

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Store 13

After Trade Show Rooftop Party

Wed. Aug. 4th
ECCO At The Camp
2937 Bristol Suite A 103
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

DJ Cheapshot
DJ Splice

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Cheapshot does it again – On Air

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One thing I love about Cheapshot is his word play.  He also throws in some tracks that are out of left field (but in a good way).  You tend to ask yourself, “Where did that come from?”

Then you’re like “Hell ya!!!” Definately worth a listen and ipod addition.

Artist:     DJ  Cheapshot
CD Title: Radi-O Face
Style:       Hip-Hop, mash-up

Radi-O Face by djcheapshot

Message from Cheapshot:
This is a mix I did for The All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear on Shade 45. It got a good response so I decided to release it. boom!

for booking info please contact:
SKAM Artist Inc.
ph: 310-659-2970 | fx: 310-861-1421
em: sujit1@skamartist.com

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All That Jazz

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DJ Cheapshot has released a new mixtape entitled Jazzercidal Tendencies sponsored by the fashionable peeps True Love False Idols. The new mix includes all the signature DJ Cheapshot wordplay, along with the very best of dance-floor mash. Cheap went into another direction with this particular tape, sticking mostly with rocking electro beats over Megadudical-like remixes. He also attempts to throw in a bit of 60s classics and succeeds tremendously. This mix is hard to find and available for a limited time so make sure you cop one by myspacing his ass at myspace.com/djcheapshot.

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